Final Project
[back story]
Before creating a storyboard, I've came up with a certain character in my head. It's fairly important to read this in order to fully understand the idea behind the video.
It's a first person narrative, where main character is a bit troubled to say the least.
Main character was having difficulties since she (yes, it's a female) was very small. Her mother was 37 when she gave birth to her and little girl was born with all sorts of mental and physical health issues. It didn't help that she had an older sister who was perfectly healthy. Being so unfortunate with her health, parents unintentionally started to resent little girl and had all the best hopes for the older child.
When girl was 7 she was sent to a special medical center/school for less capably children which didn't help at all. She was treated like a lab rat till she was 15. She had no friends and anyone to talk to, it felt like a prison.
Her only friend was her sister, but being so young and emotionally unstable, she felt like her sister is just being 'nice' to please their parents and never actually loved her. She hated her whole family.
When she turned 16 she decided to run away and tried to have a fresh start. She got involved with a bad crowd, started using drugs and being sexually active with anyone who could sort her out with drugs or money.
Her older sister found her and tried to convince her to came back home, saying that everyone loves and misses her. It was hard to believe and she ended up falling out with her sister.
Eventually when she turned 19 she settled down in a council flat, in a small town by the sea and got a part-time job as a waitress. Everything seemed to be getting better. But she was still holding the grudge against her sister, she felt that if not for her she could been the one that would be looked after and loved.
Taking antidepressants didn't help her condition and one day she just couldn't take it anymore. It was decided - the only way to fix everything was to get rid of her sister. And so she sets out on this journey to a big city where her sister lived at the time and finish hers 'unfinished business'.
As we follow along the narrative, we come to find out that her sister, while washing the dishes (knife to be exact), stubs her without actually realizing that it was her little sis. Her self-defense mechanism worked very fast, unfortunately. So in the last few moments in her life as 'life flashed before her eyes', she realized that her sister was the only one who truly cared and loved her.
I suppose coming up with such idea might sound a bit strange but I wanted my story to be intriguing and have a twist.
Also after my research on interactive narratives I wanted it my final outcome to be interacted with and that's where the idea of 'looking around' came from.
Here's a rough storyboard for my narrative. It's quite a basic one and doesn't go into details but at least it gave me some kind of guidance.
When it comes to the storyboards I find it quite tricky to put down every single frame, I find it quite restricting.It also depends on a footage - there's never a guarantee you'd get a shot same as your frame. I also tend to shot as much as I can and then base my storyboard on the footage I have.
I've used Final Cut Pro X to develop my final outcome. I wasn't sure at first whether to use or not, because I didn't want to complicate things but after we've used Fina Cut in class, specially after collaborative film making, I thought I should give a try instead of using iMovie or something even more simplstic. Plus with Final Cut I got to play around with sound as well. All the sound in my video was taken from Final Cut Library since I wanted it to sound more clear and convincing.
[software that was used]